Sell for a 1% Listing Fee plus $500

Sell for less and keep the rest

Selling a home has changed over the last few years and now the consumer is the big beneficiary of the shift in the way companies do business. Yes, there are many companies that don’t have the ability to make big shifts in the market due to their business plan, staggering overhead with offices and staff and the unwillingness to adapt to market conditions and technology advancements. The years of paying 5-6 or even 7%commissions are gone. Sure, there are some who won’t know better and just sign with an agent because they know them and pay higher commissions, this happens in every industry. We just don’t think it should happen to you.

What makes us different?

We are a real estate company that is based on technology. We utilize our OWN Social Media Sites, Localjaw.com, based on lifestyle and geographic interests. Each listing is distributed to all the major search engines and each listing has their own 360 degree active walk through along with HD photos. All of our agents come from the markets we sell in and have extensive community ties that allow for the best communication in finding your dream home. Our Social Media Site, Localjaw.com was designed to give the community live updates as to what is going on within our business and entertainment communities.

What does this mean for you?

According to the chart above, if the sales price is $200,000, you can save $4,500 by choosing Localjaw Realty. When the sales price is $500,000, your saving will be $12,000, and when the sales price is $1,000,000, you will save $24,500.
What could you do with that kind of savings?


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